Windows Software Development Kit
Apogee's Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) provides DLL's, API documentation, and example source code for Apogee Imaging Systems' customers and approved 3rd party developers. Apogee software provides a common interface for all physical camera types. Once you adopt camera control for one camera, you have control of ALL Apogee Imaging Systems cameras.

Go to our Alta® Update page for the latest files and release information.

MaxIm DL Pro (Astronomy, General Sciences)
For a complete integrated solution, MaxIm DL/CCD from Diffraction Limited provides control for ALL Apogee Imaging Systems. This software is recommended for general image processing/acquisition use in astronomy and other sciences. Features include:
  • Sophisticated user interface
  • Floating camera control toolbox allows simultaneous imaging and processing
  • Full support for popular filter wheels and autoguiders
  • Extensive color and monochrome image processing capabilities
  • ActiveX scripting support enables full integration with other applications
  • Full user manual and context sensitive on-line help
Micro-Manager (Plug-in running under ImageJ for microscope automation)
Micro-Manager software runs under ImageJ to provide control of automated microscopes, supporting time-lapses, multi-channel imaging, z-stacks, and combinations thereof. Micro-Manager works with microscopes from all four major manufacturers (Leica, Nikon, Olympus and Zeiss), and peripherals such as stages, filter wheels, and shutters. Free and open source.
CCDsoft (Astronomy, General)
CCDsoft from Software Bisque, is an astronomical image processing and CCD data acquisition program that supports all Apogee Imaging Systems cameras. Written and tested by experienced astronomers, CCDSoft combines power with ease of use. By using CCDSoft in conjunction with TheSky (also from Software Bisque), you can control both computer-driven telescopes and CCD cameras from your computer, creating an awesome system for astronomical observations. No company has done more to provide fully integrated observatory control for amateur and educational astronomy at such a competitive cost. Please note that drivers for Apogee cameras are not included in the price of CCDsoft, and must be purchased separately.

Linux and Mac Driver Support
For support with Linux and Mac drivers for all Apogee cameras (current USB interface as well as legacy Ethernet, PCI, ISA, and parallel port camera interfaces), please contact:
The Random Factory
P.O. Box 44070
Tucson AZ 85733-4070
tel: +1 520 822 5221
fax: +1 520 822 5223
KestrelSpec (Spectroscopy)
KestrelSpec for Windows from Catalina Scientific is real-time imaging spectroscopy software that has the same look and functionality as Rhea Corporation's KestrelTM software for the Macintosh. KestrelSpec is designed for data acquisition, data display and analysis for Raman, fluorescence and UV/visible spectra.

Astroart 4.0 (Astronomy, General)
Astroart is a complete software for image processing, photometry, astrometry, CCD control and image stacking for CCD images. Astroart is also an open system with plug-in support. All programmers of C/C++, Visual Basic, Delphi can create new filters using the free development kit.

  • Advanced filters: maximum entropy, FFT, etc. with full preview.
  • Full camera and telescope control, autoguide, autofocus.
  • Scripts for automatic asteroid and supernova search.
  • Astrometry and photometry with integrated star atlas.
  • Image stacking of sets of images with sub-pixel precision.
  • Configurable Bayer color synthesis with hot pixels correction.
Alcor System PRiSM Software, Version 7 (Astronomy, General)
PRiSM is software for recording images from CCD cameras, as well as the preprocessing, processing and analysis of astronomical images. PRiSM also controls telescopes, filter wheels, and focusers, and includes an efficient Skymap tool. PRISM uses the ASCOM standard to drive all available hardware in the market : telescopes, filter wheels, focusers, ccd cameras, domes, and cloud sensors. The lower cost Light version maintains full hardware support, but removes about 100 image analysis and other advanced features.
Stark Labs Nebulosity 2 Software (Astronomy, General)
Nebulosity (Windows and OS X) is simple enough for the novice astro-imager who wants to capture his or her first images, yet powerful enough for the advanced imager who wants convenient, flexible camera control in the field. In addition to complete control of the camera, Nebulosity provides image pre-processing and stacking for a fraction of the cost of other astro programs.
Fisch ImageLabtm
Fisch ImageLabtm is software for astronomical image capture and processing. Features include automatic stacking / rotation; telescope guiding in Alt-Az or Equatorial modes; separate control of main imager and guider; filter wheel support; automatic bias frame / dark frame / flat field processing. Images are automatically added into a SQL Database for easy cataloging and searching. Images are processed as 32-bit floating point for monochrome or 96-bit for color. All image processing functions (including a variety of convolution filters) work with either RGB or monochrome images. Registration facility is provided with merge and red-green-blue-luminance merge. Merge may be additive, average, or median combine. Images are auto-scaled for optimal screen display.
Image Pro (Microscopy)
32-bit drivers are available for camera control with Image Pro Plus by Media Cybernetics. Our IPP drivers are compatible with all of our imaging systems. Go to our Alta Update page for the latest files and release information
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