AAS 25th Meeting
4 - 8 January 2015 - Booth No. 301
Washington State Convention Center, Seattle

Andor Technology Plc Acquires Apogee
Andor Technology Andor Technology, a global leader in the development and manufacture of high performance scientific digital cameras for academic, industrial and government applications, is pleased to announce that it has acquired the entire issued share capital of Apogee Imaging Systems Inc.

Apogee Announces Aspen® Series
Aspen Series The Aspen Series is our new Flagship camera. The Aspen line supports the widest variety of full frame, spectroscopy and interline transfer CCDs ever offered.

ISS 30 Crew Portrait
NASA and International Space Station partners R Jay GaBany's image of NGC 3521 (the Bubble galaxy) was selected as the backdrop image for the official ISS Expedition 30 crew portrait.
Image credit: NASA and International Space Station partners
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NASA HI-C Camera
Apogee is proud to announce the delivery of the NASA HI-C Camera destined to launch on a rocket and capture data from the sun from above the earth's atmosphere.
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Apogee is offering special instroductory pricing on the following integrated systems:

  • A2050 w/ integrated 8 position filter wheel
  • A4050 w/ integrated 8 position filter wheel
  • A8050 w/ integrated 8 position filter wheel
Overview of the Ascent systems (PDF)
Overview of the Ascent filter wheel (PDF)

Contact Apogee
Contact Apogee for information and pricing. Let our team support your science!
     phone: 916-218-7450
     online: Contact Us
     email: sales@ccd.com

PBS/Nova Deadliest Volcanoes
Apogee featured in PBS show.
PBS/Nova recently aired a program on volcanic research called Deadliest Volcanoes. See the Apogee cameras used at 38:16 in the video on pbs.org


Micro-Manager (μManager) Software
  Micro-Manager software runs under ImageJ and provides control of automated microscopes, supporting time-lapses, multi-channel imaging, z-stacks, and combinations thereof. μManager works with microscopes from all four major manufacturers (Leica, Nikon, Olympus and Zeiss), and peripherals such as stages, filter wheels, and shutters. Free and open source.

View the Product Overview (PDF)

  • Aspen, Ascent, Alta
  • New CCDs
  • New Filter Wheel options
  • Low Profile, wide angle housings
  • Liquid circulation options
  • Custom/OEM camera design

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