Apogee AFW50-9R, AFW50-7S, and AFW50-10S Filter Wheels for Aspen®, Alta® and Ascent® Models
The AFW50 series of filter wheels provide large format filtering solutions for all Aspen and Alta cameras and Ascent cameras with large format CCDs, such as the A16000. The AFW50-9R filter wheel provides 9 positions for 50mm / 2" round filters. The AFW50-7S and AFW50-10S provide 7 and 10 positions for 50mm / 2" square filters, respectively. The filter wheel are controlled via USB 2.0. The filter wheel easily adapts to the Ascent bodies. Apogee was the first to provide a precision locking mechanism on all of our filter wheels, insuring accurate positioning of each filter each time.

For astronomy applications, Apogee mates with the Monster Moag off axis guide system which incorporates a pick off mirror to a secondary guide camera.
Precision locking mechanism insuring accurate positioning of each filter each time.

Double Filter Wheel
Apogee has now made it possible to attach any two of the same Alta® filter wheels together, back-to-back, with no gap. It can be utilized with the AFW50-7S, AFW50-9R, AFW50-10S and AFW31-17R.
Double Filter Wheel

9 positions for
50mm round filters

7 positions for
50mm square filters

10 positions for
50mm square filters

AI-FW50 Specifications
Max. filter thickness7mm
Weight3.5 lbs. (1.6 kg) with filters
Thickness1.1" (2.75 cm) with mounting plate
Camera mount methodAdapter plate attached to any Ascent camera
Mechanical mount3" 24 threads/inch
Power input12V DC
InterfaceUSB 2.0

FW50-7S Filter Wheel

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Alta FW50 Specifications
Alta FW50 Mechanical Detail


NEW! AFW31-17R
17 positions for
31mm round filters


CFW Compact Filter Wheels for Ascent (only)
The CFW25-6R and CFW31-8R filter wheels provide fast, compact filtering solutions for the Ascent series of imaging systems. The wheels plug directly into the front of the Ascent camera, using the integrated Ascent Peripheral Interface for power and control. A 2-inch slip fit adapter is available for mounting on telescopes. Coupled with the optional Nikon F-mount lens adapter, the camera and filter wheel can be easily mounted to any F-mount lens, or to any microscope with an Nikon F-mount camera adapter.

CFW25-6R Filter Wheel on an Ascent camera with optional Nikon F-mount adapter.

CFW25-6R filter wheel for Ascent

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Ascent CFW Specifications

Filter Size25mm or 1" round31mm or 1.25" round
Maximum Filter Thickness5mm (drop-in only)6.5 mm (drop-in or threaded)
Weight0.85 lb. (0.4 kg)1.85 lb. (0.85 kg)
Thickness0.775" (1.97 cm)0.925" (2.35 cm)
Power InputAscent Peripheral InterfaceAscent Peripheral Interface
InterfaceAscent Peripheral InterfaceAscent Peripheral Interface

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