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Here you will find the latest software and firmware revisions and configuration tools. The Alta® and Ascent® systems are designed to allow most hardware control of the camera through the DLL and camera firmware. Operational features, CCD timing, temperature control rates, bias levels, noise performance and other aspects of camera operation can usually be updated by the user in the field.

Windows Driver and SDK Installer - Release 5.4.616.3160
Note: It is recommended that when updating the driver, that you update firmware as well if your version is different than the latest version listed here. See readme. Due to installer incompatibility issues v3 software must be manually uninstalled first, before upgrading to v5 software. Please refer to our Apogee Camera Installation Guide for more details.
Software Driver Documentation
Linux and MAC OS X driver support updates

The Random Factory maintains and supports all Apogee systems with Linux and MAC OSX drivers. Contact Dave Mills at:

The Random Factory
P.O. Box 44070
Tucson AZ 85733-4070
tel: +1 520 822 5221
fax: +1 520 822 5223
email: rfactory@theriver.com
url: http://www.randomfactory.com/
Ethernet Camera Firmware Update - Release 33
ASCOM Camera and Filter Wheel Driver - Release 5.5.4
For more information on ASCOM please visit: ascom-standards.org

Alta/Ascent Documentation
Drivers & Downloads
AP/KX Archive
CCD University


ASCOM drivers now available for download!

Windows Driver Update
Release 5.4.531.2978 driver for Windows is now available.

Quantum Efficiency
New article on Quantum Efficiency in CCD University.

Apogee's Yahoo Group
is dedicated to Apogee Imaging Systems' CCD cameras. If you take Astro images or do science with our cameras this is the place to showcase your work and discuss techniques with others.

Note: To determine the file version, use Windows Explorer and go to the appropriate directory where the drivers are installed. Right-click the file name and select "Properties." A dialog box will pop up with information about the files. Two tabs are located at the top of the dialog box, "General" and "Version." Select the "Version" tab. The "Version" tab will display a field with the "File Version" information. This is the version of the selected driver file. This information can be used to determine which version of the driver is installed on the machine.

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